Westboro Masonic Hall
430 Churchill Avenue, North at Byron

Free Parking Nearby

Doors open at 12:45pm for folks to meet prior to meeting

Announcements at 1:30pm with presentation to follow (approximately 1.5hrs in length).





September 17th

Alpine Adventures

Presented by Ann Williams, Linda Nish, and Zandra Bainas & Steve Marsh

Follow four OVRGHS members as they share their botanical highlights from their trips through the mountains of Peru, the Rockies in Colorado, and in Western Canada.

Presentations: Ann's, Steve & Zandra's, Linda's

Slide Lists: Ann's, Steve & Zandra's, Linda's

October 22nd

Eastern Ontario Rock Garden Diaries

Presented by Peter Fuller. Peter is the owner of Fuller Native and Rare Plants in Bellville Ontario. http://www.fullerplants.com/ .

This presentation focuses on techniques of planting and propagating that I have tried (the good, the bad and the ugly), plants I have loved (and sometimes killed) and the evolution of my Eastern Ontario rock garden over the past 8 years.  It includes what I would have done differently as well as the happy successes

November 12th

Extreme Horticulture

Presented by Albert Mondor. Albert Mondor has a diploma in ornamental horticulture and a degree in biology. He has worked as an horticulturist/garden designer for 30 years. In addition to providing courses and lectures, Albert Mondor writes a column in the Journal de Montréal, has published nine books on horticulture and hosts television shows on this topic. http://albertmondor.com/en

February 11th

Building a Crevice Garden in Colorado

Presented by Kenton Seth. Kenton is a Western Colorado native, lifelong gardener and plant nut with a degree in sculpture. He had the pleasure of working for the late great Timberline Gardens near Denver, Chelsea Nursery, and the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens for a total of twelve years before starting Paintbrush Gardens. http://www.paintbrushgardens.com

March 11th

Permaculture applied to Rock Gardens

Presented by Bonita Ford

April 8th