Westboro Masonic Hall
430 Churchill Avenue, North at Byron

Free Parking Nearby

Doors open at 12:45pm for folks to meet prior to meeting

Announcements at 1:30pm with presentation to follow (approximately 1.5hrs in length).





September 17th

Alpine Adventures

Presented by Ann Williams, Linda Nish, and Zandra Bainas & Steve Marsh

Follow four OVRGHS members as they share their botanical highlights from their trips through the mountains of Peru, the Rockies in Colorado, and in Western Canada.

October 22nd

Eastern Ontario Rock Garden Diaries

Presented by Peter Fuller. Peter is the owner of Fuller Native and Rare Plants in Bellville Ontario. http://www.fullerplants.com/ .

This presentation focuses on techniques of planting and propagating that I have tried (the good, the bad and the ugly), plants I have loved (and sometimes killed) and the evolution of my Eastern Ontario rock garden over the past 8 years.  It includes what I would have done differently as well as the happy successes

November 12th

Extreme Horticulture

Presented by Albert Mondor. Albert Mondor has a diploma in ornamental horticulture and a degree in biology. He has worked as an horticulturist/garden designer for 30 years. In addition to providing courses and lectures, Albert Mondor writes a column in the Journal de Montréal, has published nine books on horticulture and hosts television shows on this topic. http://albertmondor.com/en

February 11th

Building a Crevice Garden in Colorado

Presented by Kenton Seth. Kenton is a Western Colorado native, lifelong gardener and plant nut with a degree in sculpture. He had the pleasure of working for the late great Timberline Gardens near Denver, Chelsea Nursery, and the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens for a total of twelve years before starting Paintbrush Gardens. http://www.paintbrushgardens.com

March 11th

Permaculture applied to Rock Gardens

Presented by Bonita Ford

April 8th