Westboro Masonic Hall
430 Churchill Avenue, North at Byron

Free Parking Nearby

12:45 p.m. Doors Open





9 April 2016

Rocking with Rocks

Jerry Kral




Regular meetings are held at the Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill Avenue, North at Byron. There is free parking on Saturdays on the streets near the Hall. Each meeting features a speaker, access to our library and a coffee break. For a sampling of our past speakers, click here.

Our speakers program features local, national and international experts whose topics may include woodland gardens and species, plant propagation and travel logs. Our primary focus remains rock gardening.

Our greatest asset though is our membership. During the break, there is ample opportunity to socialize with some of the area's keenest gardeners. While several members are professionals in horticulture, most are, quite simply, avid gardeners who share a love for alpine and rock plants. They are all quite happy to share their accumulated knowledge and experience.

Members can sign out publications from our library.

At our meetings we highlight other horticultural groups' events, mini-presentations from members and various offerings from the Education committee.

Non-members are welcome to attend our meetings. In some situations, there is a non-member admission charge of $5.00 per person. If you wish to join the Society by the end of the meeting (and a lot of people do), the admission charge will be applied to your membership fee.