Past programs (starting with most recent)

March 2014 - Jozie Pazdzior - Native Plants for City Dwellers
Feb 2014 - Louis Jordaan - Succulent Karoo Flora
Nov 2013 - Anna Leggatt - Spring Wildflowers of Persia
Oct 2013 - Lynda Soper and Rob Stuart Seed germination & propagation
Sept 2013 - Rebecca Cragg - Zenscaping: bringing Principals of Japanese Garden design to
Ottawa Gardens
May 2013 - Harvey Wrightman – Clay crevice gardening
April 2013 - Judy Wall Creating a rock Garden: soils, stones and sources
March 2013 - Rob Brandon Converting the High line to a park: from industry back to
nature in the big apple
Feb 2013 - Peter Fuller Eaastern Ontario Native Plant Treasures in the wild and in the garden
Nov 2012 - OVRGHS members stone in the garden: Building Rock Gardens
Oct 2012 - Dr. Agnes Laboncz –Trekking in the Himalayas
Sept 2012 - Nick Turland (Nargs speaker tour) Flowers of Crete
April 2012 - Marilyn Light Along paths less Travelled by
March 2012 - Paul Pietsch Propagating trees & shrubs
Feb 2012 - Rebecca Last, Nora Lee, Judy Wall Touring gardens of Eastern North America
Jan 2012 – Members seed exchange and potluck lunch
Nov 2011 - Paul Zammit Gardening for all seasons.
Growing plants in the ground and in containers
Oct 2011 - Carlo Balistrieri Gardening on the Rocks with a twist
Sept 2011 Plant sale and move to our new location
April 2011 - Josie Pazdzior – Garden visits in Scotland & England
March 2011 - Dr. Joost Harwig Discovering the Burnt Lands of Lanark
Feb 2011 - Members own Steve Marsh Topic: Clay crevice gardening.
Jan 2011 – Members seed exchange and potluck lunch
Nov. 2010 - Eva Gallagher
Austrian Alpines: The Saxifraga society’s 2005 field trip to Austria
Oct. 2010 - Phil Reilly, Gardening with Drought in mind:
Xeriscape principals amd water-wise tips
Sept 2010 – Todd Boland from St. John’s Nfld
Plants of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden
April 2010 – Marion Jarvis
March 2010 - Angela Snowdon – Good, better, best – How to take the best photos possible
Feb 2010 - Rob Stuart - Making troghs from fishboxes
Jan 2010 –Seed sorting party at Algonquin
Nov 2009 - Laurie Consaul Fabulous Flora of the Canadian Arctic
Oct 2009 - James Reveal Ithaca, New York Gems of the West –Wild flowers from
the Lewis & Clark expeditions
Sept 2009 – Plant auction
April 2009 - Marilyn Light _From seed to flowering plant -50 years of filling a treasure chest
March 2009 - Nora Lee Tiny plants & Big Ice –Sept in Nunavet and greenk=land
Feb 2009 - Richard Aubert Dwarf conifers stunning in your garden
Jan 2009 Members own showcasae
Nov 2008 - Graham Nicholls from Bath England Dwarf campanulas & other associated plants
Oct 2008 - Peter Cunnington from Cheshire England, Using Alpines in the garden
Sept 2008 - Ian Christie from Kirriemuir, Scotland Growing pains
May 2008 – John Gyer Fern Hill, New Jersey The secret life of Trillium
April 2008 - Peter Korn from Eskilsby Sweden –Building for growing:
Creating different Habitats for plants
March 2008 - Ernie Boyd A tour of the rock –Newfoundland visit & Nargs AGM 2006
Feb 2008 – Brian Carson West Virginia weekend Nargs AGM 2007
Jan 2008 – Hands on workshops Sue Leduc –soils, Randy Mason – Penjing, Judy Wall trough culture
Dec 2007 – Philip MacDougall Vancouver BC, Plant Wonders of Tasmania
Nov 2007 - Barrie Porteous Alpines I grow at the cottage
Oct. 2007 - Harvey Wrightman –Kerwood Ont. Dry Land Rock garden plants
Sept 2007 – Fall Rock garden plant sale
April 2007 - Judy Wall, Brian Carson, Lis Allison, Hugh Hope, Marilyn Light – 2008 Nargs AGM Field trip treasers
March 2007 - Steve Doonan Nargs speaker tour Alpines I’ve grown –
A world-wide collection of Alpines
Feb 2007 – Richard Aubert Conifers, Japanese Maples & More, Randy Mason - Penjing
Jan 2007 –Ernie Boyd & Hugh Hope 2006 Nargs International Interim Rock Garden Conference
Dec2006 - Gerald Taffe –Trills and spills in a local garden
Nov 2006 – Andy Fyon from Sudbury Of water and Fire. The relationship between
Geology and Native plants.
Oct 2006 – David Tomlinson –Aurora Ont. Designing and Building Rock Gardens
Sept 2006 – Fall plant sale
April – Members Show off –pictures of members rock gardens included Colleen Luettge,
Ernie & Kathy Boyd, Sue and Jonathan, Josie, Jane Lund, Daun Kennedy,
Ann Williams & Eva G.
March 2006 - David Rankin –From Edinburgh Scotland The Alps of three continents
Feb 2006 - Anna Leggatt – Wild flowers of Patagonia – from the Steppe to Andes”
Jan 2006 - Ernie Boyd, Marilyn Light, Linda Soper & Kristl Walek Seeds 101
Dec 2005 - Don Avery from Vermont on bog gardens. Gardening in Living Sphagnum
Nov2005 - Norbert & Irma Markert (from Ogdensburg)
Oct 2005 - Toby Musgrave (from UK) Rock Garden Evolution in the 19th
and 20th Centuries
Sept 2005 - Harry Jans The cream of the Alps (The Netherlands)
April 2005 - Marion Jarvie from Thornhill Ont.
Other small treasures in my garden**
March 2005 - Our own members Peter Calamai, Pat Sadavoy,
Nora Lee, Eva Gallagher
– Travels to other gardens
via our own members
Feb. 2005 - Pam Eveleigh – Calgary – Primulas (How to know and grow them)
Jan. 2005 - Members own Marilyn Light, Kristl Walek & Judy Wall - Seeds 101
Dec 2004 - Joey Stewart Calgary – Art and the Rock Garden
Nov 2004 - Tony Reznicek –Univ. of Michigan Small Woodland plants
Oct 2004 - Judith Jones – Ferns for the North East**
Sept 2004 - Jens Nielson – Alpines of China
May 2004 - Alan Granger (Nargs) From seed to showbench**
April 2004 - Maria Galletti Alpines of Mounts Olympus and Parnassus Greece
Mar 2004 - Ken Farr Dwarf conifers for gardens and troughs**
Feb 2004 - Zdenek Rene and Eva Gallagher The Crevice garden
Jan 2004 - John and Linda Soper (members own) Rush to the Rockies
Dec 2003 - David Hinton Rhododendron woods
Nov 2003 - Joyce Carruthers –The best of Czeck rock gardens
Oct 2003 - Gwen Kelaidis - Maximizing Microclimates
April 2003 - Todd Boland – Newfoundland – Plants of the great Northern Penninsula
March 2003 - Paige Woodward – Wild ideas for your Rock garden
Feb 2003 - Mark Fusco –The Rockeries of the Denver Botonic gardens
Jan 2003 - John Spain – Winter Hardy Cacti
Dec 2002 - Marilyn Light Orchids native to the Ottawa Valley
Nov 2002 - Darlene Scales – Xeriscaping
Oct 2002 - Joyce Fingernut – Spring in the Mountains of Central Asia
April 2002 - Andrew Osyany – Practical rock gardening
March 2002 - Finn Haugli – The Arctic-alpine botonic garden in Tromso
Feb 2002 - (Members own) Gerald Taaffe – 1001 Fine plants you can grow in Ottawa